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Documents Required to Apply for SC HELP Assistance

In addition to returning all COMPLETED and SIGNED forms included in the SC HELP application package (provided after online application is completed), SC HELP applicants are required to provide the following documentation. Applications that do NOT include all required documentation will NOT be reviewed.

Monthly Payment and Direct Loan Assistance Programs

Hardship Documentation
Although a description of the qualifying household hardship must be provided within the completed SC HELP application package, applicants should also include any and all documentation available that verifies the  hardship.

Household Income Documentation
Income documentation is required for every person living in the home who is 18 or older, and who is not a full-time student.

Applicants must provide their most recent two years federal tax returns with all schedules.

Income Documentation – Salaried/Hourly Employee

  • Two most recent paystubs – one paystub must be dated within 30 days of application, AND
  • Most recent W-2(s). 

Income Documentation – Self-Employed

  • Most recent two years complete tax returns including all schedules – personal and business required (federal returns only), AND
  • Year-to-Date Profit & Loss Statement OR six months of business bank statements (all pages).

Income Documentation – Unemployment

  • Letter from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce stating the borrower benefits, OR
  • Most recent bank statement(s) verifying the unemployment income as direct deposit.

Other Income (If Applicable)

  • Current Social Security awards letter or current bank statements showing the direct deposit, AND
  • Divorce Decree or Court Ordered Document indicating they are paying or receiving child support or alimony, AND
  • Income documentation for other people living in the home who are 18 or older, and not a full-time student, AND
  • Other income documentation as appropriate.

Deposit Accounts (Bank, Credit Union, Investment, etc.)

  • Two most recent months of account statements (all pages) for all deposit accounts – individual deposits may need to be explained and documented.

Property & Mortgage Information

  • Most recent monthly mortgage statement for ALL mortgages on the property, AND
  • Property tax bill or printout from the county tax assessor that includes estimated property value, AND
  • Copy of the most current, recorded deed for the property
  • Copy of recorded mortgage on property

Transition Assistance Program

  • Evidence of a completed deed-in-lieu of foreclosure OR a copy of Settlement Statement (HUD -1) from executed short sale, AND
  • If short sale, a copy of the executed Sales Contract

NOTE: SC HELP funds cannot be used in conjunction with HAFA funds